Volatile biomarkers of infection phenotypes

During the progression of infections from initial onset to chronic lung infections in cystic fibrosis (CF), P. aeruginosa (Pa) and Staphylococcus aureus (Sa) acquire antibiotic resistance and lose virulence factors, both of which have been correlated to late stage infections, higher risk for hospitalization, and lung function decline. Therefore, these infection phenotypes may serve as prognostic indicators of patient outcomes and disease progression. However, accurately measuring infection phenotypes is significantly impeded by poor access to lower-respiratory specimens and an inability to faithfully recapitulate bacterial lung infection phenotypes in the clinical microbiology lab. Our goal is to identify volatile biomarkers that can be used to non-invasively phenotype Pa and Sa directly from lung specimens in order to track lung disease progression

In her Postdoctoral research, Bean demonstrated that volatile metabolites can be used to differentiate Pa strains and Sa antimicrobial resistance phenotypes in vivo. Building upon these data, at ASU we are intensively investigating the metabolic signatures of Pa and Sa adaptation in chronic lung infections through the analysis of CF lung specimens from early and late-stage infection in both a cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis. We are genotyping, phenotyping, and metabotyping isolates to identify specific biomarkers of mucoidy, motility, quorum sensing deficiency, antibiotic resistance, and small colony variants that translate across the diversity of clinical strains we encounter. Portions of this work have been funded by a NHLBI R01 grant (2021 – 2026).


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